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    Pilsan İnovatif Harf Ve Rakam Seti 222 Parça (YENİ)

    Marka: Pilsan
    Perakende fiyat: 37,90 ₺
    30,90 ₺
    i h

    Offering kids joyous times by creating environment to play basketball in the park, garden, picnic or home, Pilsan Basketball Hoop is both educational and fun. With this perfect set which develops your little ones' basketball skills and teach them team work, endless basketball fun is waiting for your kids. It can be assembled without needing any tools in minutes while it can be carried easily thanks to its light design. You may also store it disassembled when it is not used. By adding sand to bottom, you can prevent it from flying in windy days and maintain your basketball passion in any weather conditions. Supporting hand-foot coordination and encouraging playing sports, this toy will help them socialize with other children. Basketball hoop that is suitable for ages 3 years and up is one of the best birthday gifts you can buy for your little ones. Produced from raw material that is suitable for children health and does not contain any toxic materials. Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 117 cm