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    Babyjem Şekerleme Matı Erkek

    Marka: Babyjem
    Perakende fiyat: 245,00 ₺
    222,90 ₺
    i h

    Babyjem sleeping mat will be your baby's best friend with its ergonomic and comfortable structure and cute design. Newborn babies especially need a lot of sleep to rest and grow. You can also use the snooze mat that you can put on a flat surface for your baby to play, and when your baby is asleep, you can let the little one take a nap on the mat before going to bed. Babyjem sleeping mat can be turned into a bag with the rope around the edges and can be easily carried wherever you go with its lightweight structure. You can easily continue your vacation, family visits or even short stays. You can remove the pillow during the game and put it back on when it's time to sleep. Babyjem sleeping mat can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C.