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    Babyjem Mega Klozet Adaptörü Soft Gri

    Marka: Babyjem
    81,00 ₺
    i h

    Babyjem mega toilet seat makes toilet training fun for children at the stage of toilet habit. With its cute toilet seat, mint color and design with cute owls, it creates a toy perception in children and makes it easy to get used to the toilet. Plastic holders on the edges are extremely safe for your child and prevent them from falling. With its adjustable design, it fully fits the toilet and helps your child gain toilet habit without fear. Made of light and soft plastic, this toilet seat does not contain carcinogenic substances. The soft seat of this toilet seat, which is preferred by children who are fond of comfort, provides maximum comfort even for sitting for a long time. The mega closet apparatus, which can be easily cleaned thanks to its removable parts, also relieves you of health and does not tire you. Tough toilet training becomes easy and fun for both mothers and children with the toilet seat that can be used safely from the age of 2 to the age of 5.